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Image by Sergey Norkov

 "Premium Loose Leaf  Blends that compliment a healthy and prosperous lifestyle"

We offer specialty ancient Herbal Medicine and Holistic Services !

with modern innovations to empower holistic health rituals that form the ultimate selfcare routines. Our services and products transform how you look on the outside and feel on the inside.

Building the crucial connection between holistic medicine and internal health, Tè Spot curates the exceptional Tea, collections that are infused with potent botanicals documented in ancient TCM herb books. These extraordinary herbs are Yin nourishing, Qi uplifting and Yang regenerating; powerful topical superfood that help renew skin’s microbiome, revive elasticity, replenish moisture levels and restore a natural, lasting glow.

Our Tea

We source our teas direct from the tea growers, and approved quality suppliers, so each and every product is of the highest quality. All our teas are sourced from Ethical Tea Partnerships.

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