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Cali Green Citrus

Cali Green Citrus

This is a  blend of organic green tea and lemon to boost your metabolism. Cold brew this delicious, gently caffeinated tea and sip it throughout the day, The caffeine and polyphenols in green tea help burn calories, making for an easy partner in weight management. Enjoy this tasty zero-calorie daily treat!

Product Details:

2 oz of loose leaf tea, approximately 15-18  single servings

Caffeine content: Like 35 mg per every 8 oz of tea

Leaves can be steeped twice, that means you can get 16 oz of flavorful tea with just 1 teaspoon of tea.


A very mild tea with light citrus flavors.


It has plenty of antioxidants

Can speed up a sluggish metabolism


Green tea leaves

Lemon Grass 

Pairs Well With:
A couple dashes of cinnamon

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