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Detox Me Tea Blend

Detox Me Tea Blend


Detox Me is a detox tea to help make things that much easier. This tea is made of carminatives and a laxative that work together and get the digestive system moving. It's easy to flush those toxins out of your system with this tea. Watch it work. 

Product Details:10 days of supply of tea

None - this tea is completely herbal. This tea should be taken once daily, when you'll be close to the toilet. Trust us. Taste: Spicy and licorice-y. It's the Ginger and the Fennel.

Benefits:The carminative herbs are warming and give your stagnant organs and tissues love.Helps you to goooo! 

Note:This tea contains Senna. Senna is a laxative. When you are taking laxatives, your body requires (lots of water).

Take Detox Me no more than once a day and make sure you're drinking plenty of water.

  • Return Policy

    The T'e Spot offers return of Items within ten days upon recipt of shipment! Product is to be kept in cool place and will expire 12 months from date of packaged. 

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