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Hello there✨🤗✨!

As of Feb. 2nd, 2020 (birthday), I am an “Old-fart“ of 69, living all by my lonesome. I use to have a wife, Sissy, who died 2004. The cat, Winston, lasted until old age finally caught up in 2017. It’s just me now in this small three-story house. Doesn’t really feel like ‘home’ just now... sort of lonely at times, but I cope.

I live in a small ‘hill town’ called Adams, in the North Berkshire mountains of western MA. I am fully retired, living on my Social Security and a bit more... making due and trying not to go crazy with spending on the web sites... lol - SO HARD AT TIMES😂.

I am trying to figure out exactly what ‘Wix’ is all about. I do NOT live in the ‘Social World’ as so many others do, but I follow TONS of ‘YouTube’ channels and watch lots of entertainment on line... ‘Netflix’, ‘Acorn TV’, ‘Curiosity Stream’, etc. And I LOVE reading or hearing good books. I have nothing to do with things like ‘twitter’, ’Facebook’, ‘MySpace’, ‘Instagram’, etc.

I wouldn’t mind finding another person to share things with, such as how my day has been or what I want to be doing for later. That would be nice, sharing things. There’s no one just now.

Hope all is well on the other end, and that who ever is reading this stays safe.

Bye for now.

April 9th, 2020

Michel J. Gaudet_ aka “Old-fart” first name said as Michael... just no ‘a’ - not my idea!🙂

By-the-way, though my name may seem French, I AM NOT. I speak only English.