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Coping With Depression

Hey everyone I know it’s been while, But with everything that’s going on in world right now it’s all still a little crazy for me. Truth be told I thought I could handle it better then what I am. Strong women sometimes hit a wall or two and I’m at about wall three, yeah I know right wall 3 that’s crazy. When we carry out the weight of the world, plus the energy of others around us, while trying to stay focused, plus dealing with your own mess. can get ugly; Well I wanted to take this time to share a few ways that you can cope with the funk of depression. For meditation is a great start, but before getting into that comfortable spot know your “ Why “ and that reason that’s brought you to that “why“ sometimes we dive in and once in position it’s hard for us to focus because we may have a thousand reason going though our heads right. It can be like Xavier in the movie X-Men when he uses the Cerebro Machine to locate other mutants, can be overwhelming right. So try finding your why, set intentions on that particular reason and although you may have a 100 reason why your sitting in the depression state or maybe you don’t know if happens. once you have it and intentions are set, settle in that comfortable spot. relax, and take a deep breath because that’s where your focus is to be. And let it go!

So before you go into meditation mood and you know that you have a racers mind, meaning your mind can possibly think of 30 things or more in a minute... Yelp that’s me! Go to herbal tea will be

Sage Tea: known as an excellent muscle relaxer. When your suffering from mental exhaustion and body ache , it makes for an enjoyable drink.

Rose Tea: Rose tea helps you sleep better, sip it before going to bed because it has a calming effect on your mind. Which is also get to drink before you do sleep meditation.

now the other way to loosen up from the depression blues is maybe try getting out and moving around, yeah that’s what I’m currently doing. Also spending time in nature helps a lot. I use get out more before moving to Virginia, like going on short hikes, walking 2 miles up Mt. Rubidoux in Riverside California. Always was nice, so get out walk, ride your bikes with the family or husband instead of the usual date night try something COVID19 friendly.

now lastly, if your depression is super bad where doing the things that you found was fun isn’t any longer your barely communicating with your spouse, friends, or family and that funk doesn’t seem to go away. Reach out to a professional if no one that you know that’s close to you is giving you support. Because the first thing to an successful recovery into finding happiness is a great support system. But like I said seek help!




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