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Holiday Cocktails

“Tis“ the season to giving, receiving and creating more family memories, well that's what we are use to doing. right! well this season will be less of that, less of our families and friends in the same room helping one another celebrate the ending of a year and preparing us for the next year, page or chapter for most of us that continue to seek more in what ever endeavors we're planning.

Well guess what? we can still make the best of our holiday this year! It doesn't have to be sad, I know a lot us are feeling the holiday blues. But lets take advantage of all the virtual fun, silly holiday filters on your favorite social media app, Tik Tok til we drop, pop and roll our hips or til the kids get tired of us taking over social media, because we had to redo the Body dance move to the (Magen The Stallion) like 15 times , honestly I do that now lolol!!! It seems like the adults have taking over that anyways, LOL! So you see making holiday memories will be a blast if you're willing to try something different. The thing’s that counts the most is making sure our love ones stay safe. So with that being said let's talk about the herbal spirits and some holiday fun. The husband and I, love enjoying some amazing Holiday Spirits/Cocktails. We both also love sharing a Cigar on the deck and some of our favorite oldie but goodie tunes. Yes are playlist is crazy different, lol! But we can always agree on some Earth, Wind and Fire. of course that's his all time favorite group {Marius White} being his musical idol, well low key mines too, the man was a musical genius, genius! but that's another topic...

Well Let's prepare for the Holiday Drinks:

so lets talk about what my favorite spirits/alcohol is, well if you guessed right! yes,Im a Rum, Scotch or Whiskey type of woman, where my husband likes a mixture of different dinks or whatever I make... so we are going to share some of our favorite mixed drinks!


this is a Brazilian cocktail that you can find in many (bars outside Brazil) and simple to make.

Tools Needed

.Rum Glass



. White Rum 2oz ( I use Barbancourt Haiti Rum White)

. 5 Lime wedges

. 2tsp turbinado sugar

. Ice

Place the lime wedges and some strawberries in the bottom the glass ( strawberries are optional)

Sprinkle sugar and muddle until sugar has dissolved, stir. Then add ice to the glass.

Pour your choice of white Rum into the glass and stir gently.

enjoy this amazing cocktail, I love to sip on this drink...

Watermelon Vodka Martini

Yeah I know your thinking Watermelon, well watermelon can be enjoyed any season and why not during the Holidays. it will bring a little pop of red to your holiday, cocktail hour with family and friends if your having company, that's your business! not mine, I just want to bring some joy to that time being well spent.

Tools Needed

. Shaker

. Martini Glass


. 1 tablespoon lime juice ( fresh lime juice is optional )

. 1 tablespoon Orange Juice

. 1 tablespoon Agave Nectar

. 6 tablespoons of Vodka

now I used the Watermelon Flavored ( Ciroc Vodka ) to give it that extra pop plus we love Ciroc ... but you can go with your favorite vodka unflavored.

. 1/2 cup of fresh watermelon juice, so easy to make ill add directions at the bottom.

. 2 red watermelon wedges with rind

. Herbed Sea Salt for the finishing touch

add the lime juice, orange juice, agave nectar, Vodka, and watermelon juice in the shaker. Shake about 30 seconds, use ice if you haven't pre froze your shaker.

Garnish with watermelon wedge by placing it directly in the martini glass add a pinch of the basil sea salt and serve.

Watermelon juice add watermelon chunks to an upright blender, puree until liquefied and then strain though a fine mesh side to remove solids.

basil sea salt

. 2 tablespoons of finely chopped Basil ( can be found chopped at most local grocery stores)

. 1/4 cup coarse sea salt

ya’ll enjoy your families safely please!! and have a Happy Holiday from The Tè Spot family.....

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